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C5, C05, C V or C-5 may refer to:

Military use[edit]

  • Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, a military transport aircraft
  • C-5 North Star, a 1940s Canadian military aircraft
  • HMS C5, a 1906 Royal Navy C-class submarine
  • USS C-5 (SS-16), a 1908 United States Navy C-class submarine
  • USS San Francisco (C-5), an 1889 United States Navy protected cruiser
  • Albatros C.V, a World War I German military reconnaissance aircraft
  • AEG C.V, a World War I prototype German two-seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft
  • DFW C.V, a World War I German military reconnaissance aircraft
  • Fokker C.V, a 1924 Dutch light reconnaissance and bomber biplane aircraft
  • Halberstadt C.V, a World War I German single-engined reconnaissance biplane
  • Fokker C-5, an American military version of the Fokker F.VII aircraft
  • SM UC-5, a 1915 German Type UC I U-boat
  • C-5 (blimp), a United States Navy airship that attempted a trans-Atlantic flight in 1919

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Air travel and aircraft vehicles[edit]

  • Kinner C-5, an American five cylinder radial engine for small aircraft of the 1930s
  • Spartan C5, a passenger and utility aircraft produced in the United States in the early 1930s




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