Musicmatch Jukebox

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MusicMatch Jukebox
Other namesYahoo! Music Musicmatch Jukebox
Developer(s)MusicMatch, Inc.
Initial release1997
Final release
10.00.4033 (August 2007)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Mac OS
SuccessorYahoo! Music Jukebox
TypeMedia player software
LicenseFreemium (archived)

MusicMatch Jukebox was media player software made by San Diego-based MusicMatch, Inc. It provided the ability to manage digital audio files and playlists, audio file conversion, an online music store, Internet radio, Compact Disc Digital Audio playback, CD ripper capabilities, and managing digital media on portable media players.

The company's Radio MX service allowed users choose the artist they want to listen to but not the song.[1]


MusicMatch Jukebox was launched in 1997.[2]

MusicMatch Jukebox was bundled with the iPod Classic as its music manager until the introduction of iTunes for Microsoft Windows in 2003.[3]

In September 2003, the company launched a digital music store with 200,000 songs available.[4][5] The company entered into a partnership with Dell to promote the service and software.[6]

In October 2004, Yahoo acquired Musicmatch for $160 million.[7] However, the service was not integrated well, instead stagnating.[8]

On August 31, 2007, Yahoo! discontinued MusicMatch services in an effort to move users to Yahoo! Music.[9]

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