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This is an incomplete list of prominent political families. Monarchical dynasties are not included, unless certain descendants have played political roles in a republican structure (e.g. Arslan family of Lebanon and Cakobau family of Fiji).


The Hoxha family

  • Hysen Hoxha (Albanian independence leader; uncle of Enver Hoxha)
  • Enver Hoxha (First Secretary of the Albanian Labour Party, 1944–1985)
  • Nexhmije Hoxha (member of the Central Committee of the Albanian Labour Party; wife of Enver Hoxha)

Peristeri family

The Nano family (father-son)

The Pashko family (spouses)

The Shehu family


The dos Santos–Van-Dúnem-Vieira Dias family

Antigua and Barbuda[edit]

The Bird family

The Frank family (uncle-nephew)



The Demirchyan family (father-son)

The Sargsyan brothers

The Margaryan family (father-son)



The Habsburg family of Austria (grandfather–father–children)


The Aliyev family (father-son)

The Bahamas[edit]

The Butler family

The Pindling family

The Symonette family

The Turnquest family

The Foulkes family


The Sheikh family
The Zia family
The Dhaka Nawab family
The Nawab family of Dhanbari-Bogura
The Siddikys of Baliadi
  • Nawab Shah Kutubuddin Ahmed Siddiky Koka (First Subedar of Bengal under the Mughal Empire)
  • Khan Bahadur Chowdhury Kazemuddin Ahmed Siddiky (Zamindar of Baliadi, co-founder of the University of Dhaka, founder President of the *East Bengal and Assam Provincial Muslim League)[1]
  • Khan Bahadur Chowdhury Fariduddin Ahmed Siddiky (Founder, Salimullah Muslim Orphanage)
  • Khan Bahadur Chowdhury Labibuddin Ahmed Siddiky (First Elected Chairman, Dhaka Education Board; Court Member, Dhaka University)
  • Justice Badruddin Ahmed Siddiky (last Chief Justice of East Pakistan, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations)
  • Chowdhury Abraruddin Ahmed Siddiky (former Mayor of Dhaka)
  • Chowdhury Tanbir Ahmed Siddiky (former Commerce Minister of Bangladesh)
  • Chowdhury Dabir Ahmed Siddiky (former President of Dhaka Club)
  • Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiky (Parliamentary Candidate for Gazipur 1 in 2024, Mayoral Candidate for North Dhaka in 2015)
  • Aaron Ahmed Siddiky
The Chowdhury family of Chittagong

Zamidar Abdul Bari Chowdhury (M.L.C) rich businessman from Chittagong. Founder of Famous Bengal Burma Stream Company(BBSC). Who fought against British rule with Mahatma Gandhi.

Forefathers from Gour

The Zaman family of Gopalganj
  • Wahiduzzaman (former Commerce Minister)
  • Fayekuzzaman (former member of National Assembly)
  • Dr. Wasim Alimuz Zaman (Senior UN Official, Member of the Civil Service of Pakistan and Bangladesh, PhD, Harvard University)
  • F.E. Sharfuzzaman (former Member of Parliament)
  • Colonel (retd) Mia Moshiuzzaman (Convenor of Ganadhikhar Parishad,former colonel of Bangladesh Army, sector commander of Bangladesh Rifles)
  • Borhanuzzaman Omar (former President of Paltan Thana BNP, member of Dhaka central committee BNP, former chairman of Dhaka City Corporation ward no. 36)
The Mansur Ali family
  • Captain Mansur Ali (Prime Minister of Bangladesh 1975)
  • Eldest son of Dr Mohammad Selim (Presidium member of Awami league, Chairman of Foreign affairs standing committee, Member of Bangladesh Parliament 1995–2001)
  • Second son of Mohammad Nasim (Minister for Home and Telecommunications 1996–-2001, Member of Bangladesh Parliament 1991–2006) Health Minister and Presidium Member for Awami league 2014.
The Ahmad family
The Chowdhury family
The Huq family
The Abdullah al Mahmood family of Sirajganj
  • Abdullah al Mahmood (former MLA of British India, 1937; former Deputy High Commissioner, 1947; and former Industrial & Natural Resources Minister of Pakistan, 1964)
  • Rumana Mahmood (daughter-in-law of Abdullah al Mahmood; Member of Parliament 2009–2013)
  • Dr. M.A Matin (son-in-law of Abdullah al Mahmood) former Deputy Prime Minister of Bangladesh, former Parliament Member 1979–2006, Founder Secretary General of Jatiya Party.
The Rahman/Ghaani family
  • Mashiur Rahman, (Former MNA, 1962–1969; Former Deputy Leader of the Opposition of Pakistan, 1962–1964; Former Senior Minister of Bangladesh, with the rank and status of Prime Minister, in charge of the Ministry of Railways, Roads and Highways, 1978–1979)
The Abdul family of Sylhet


The Adams family (father-son)

The Barrow family (brother-sister)


Anciaux family (father and sons)

de Brouckère brothers

De Croo family (father-son)

De Gucht family (father-son)

Dehousse family (father-son)

Eyskens family (father-son)

Spaak family

Simonet family (father-son)

Vanderpoorten family

Van Rompuy family


The Soglo family

The Zinsou family


Dorji family


The Ballivián family (father-son)

The Fernandez Saucedo family

  • Max Jhonny Fernandez Saucedo (1964-) (Mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 1996–2002 and 2021–present)
    • Paola Andrea Fernandez Rea (1992-) (Senator for Santa Cruz, 2020–present; daughter of Jhonny Fernandez Saucedo)
  • Roberto Fernandez Saucedo (1968-) (Deputy for Santa Cruz, 1997–1998; Mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2002–05)

The Morales Ayma family

The Paz family

  • Luis Paz Arce (1854–1928) (President of the Supreme Court of Bolivia, 1926–30)
  • Domingo Paz Arce (1855–1910) (Prefect and Commander General of Tarija, 1892–96)
    • Domingo Paz Rojas (1879–1930) (Senator for Tarija; son of Domingo Paz Arce)

The Siles family

Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

The Izetbegović family (husband-wife-son)

The Pozderac family


The Khama family (husband-wife-son)


The Arraes-Campos family

  • Miguel Arraes (Governor of Pernambuco, 1963–64, 1987–90, 1995–99)
    • Ana Arraes (Federal Deputy for Pernambuco, 2007–11; daughter of Miguel Arraes)
      • Marília Arraes (Federal Deputy for Pernambuco, 2019–23; paternal granddaughter of Miguel)
      • Eduardo Campos (Governor of Pernambuco, 2007–14; maternal grandson of Miguel)
        • João Henrique Campos (Mayor of Recife, 2021–present; great-grandson of Miguel)
        • Pedro Campos (Federal Deputy for Pernambuco, 2023–present; great-grandson of Miguel)

The Assed-Matheus (also known as Garotinho) family (spouses and daughter)

The Bolsonaro family (father and sons)

The Brás-Moreira family (cousins)

The Cardoso family

The Coimbra-Luz family

The Collor-Mello family

The Costa family

The Figueiredo family

The Fonseca family

The Franco family

The Geisel-Markus family

The Genro family

The Goulart-Brizola family (brothers-in-law)

The Kleinubing family[10]

The Kubitschek family

The Lula da Silva family

The Magalhães family

The Malta-Ribeiro family

The Matarazzo-Suplicy family

The Neves-Cunha family

The Quadros family

The Ramos family[13]

The Sarney family

The Vargas-Peixoto family


The Abidin family

The Apong family

The Bakar family

The Ibrahim family

The Umar family

The Taib family

The Yassin family

The Yunos family

  • Mohamed Rozan, permanent secretary at the Prime Minister's Office
  • Mohamed Riza, Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office


The Bogoridi family

The Bokov family

  • Georgi Bokov (former Communist leader, former media boss)
  • Filip Bokov (former Socialist leader, Member of Parliament, Presidential advisor)
  • Irina Bokova (former Foreign Minister, ran for vice-president, Member of Parliament, Ambassador to France)

The Mihaylovski family

The Shishmanov family

The Slaveykov family

The Staliyski family

The Stanishev family (father-son)

The Zhivkov family

Burkina Faso[edit]

The Compaoré family

The Sankara family

The Yaméogo family (father-son)

The Zerbo-Yonli family


The Aung San family (parents-daughter)

The Win family (father-daughter)


The Bagaza-Buyoya family


The Hun family


Central African Republic[edit]

The Boganda family–Dacko family–Domitien family and Bokassa family (distant relatives)

  • Barthélemy Boganda, "founding father"
  • Clément Hassen, Secretary for the President of the Republic and father of Marie-Reine Hassen
  • David Dacko, first leader of independent CAR
  • Elisabeth Domitien, prime minister and cousin of Bokassa
  • Jean-Bédel Bokassa, Cold War-era despot and erstwhile "emperor"
  • Jean-Serge Bokassa, Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts, and Culture (2011–13), Minister of the Interior (2016–2018)
  • Marie-Reine Hassen, Central African Goodwill Ambassador to Senegal (2003–2006), Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs (2006–2007), Minister Delegate for the Economy, Planning and International Cooperation (2007–2008), Minister Delegate for Regional Development (2008–2009) and forcefully married to Bokassa
  • Marthe Matongo, Member of the National Assembly and cousin of first lady Florence Yagbao (first wife of Dacko)

The Bozizé family

The Kolingba family


The Itno–Djérou–Erdimi family


The Alessandri family

The Allende family

The Aylwin family

The Errázuriz family

The Frei family

The Girardi family

  • Treviso Girardi – Mayor of Quinta Normal
    • Guido Girardi Brière – Deputy, 2006–2010
      • Guido Girardi – Deputy 1994–2006, Senator 2006–present
      • Cristina Girardi – Mayor of Cerro Navia, 1996–2008, Deputy 2010–present
      • Dino Girardi – Councillor of Lo Prado

The Kast family

The Lagos family

The Letelier family

The Montt family

The Piñera family

The Pinochet family

The Pinto family

Republic of China[edit]

The Chang family of Yunlin

The Chang family of New Taipei

The Chiang family (father-sons-grandson-great-grandson)

The Chen family (Chen Hsin-an) (father-son)

The Chen family (Chen Qimei)

The Chen family (Chen Shui-bian)

The Chiu family (Chiou Lien-hui)

The Chiu family (Chiu Ching-te)

The Chou family

The Fu family

The Hau family

The Hsu family (mother–daughters of Chiayi)

The Hsu family (brothers of Taoyuan)

The Hsu–Wu family

  • Hsu Sheng-fa, (father-in-law of Eugene Wu) member of the Legislative Yuan (1981–1990)
  • Eric Wu (brother of Eugene Wu) member of the Legislative Yuan (1993–1996; 2002–2005), member of the National Assembly (1996–2000)
    • Cynthia Wu (daughter of Eugene Wu) member of the Legislative Yuan (2022–2024)

The Huang family

The Huang–Liao family (siblings)

The Kao family

The Ku family (brothers)

The Lee family (Lee Huan)

The Lee-Han family

The Lien family

Ni–Kuo-Liu family

The Soong family (father-son-3 daughters)

The Su family (Su Jia-chyuan)

The Su family (Su Tong-chi)

The Su family (Su Tseng-chang)

The TanChen family (Chen Cheng)

The Wang family of Kaohsiung (father-sons)

The Wu family

The Yu family (Kaohsiung County Black Faction)


People's Republic of China[edit]

The Bo family

The Deng family

The Hu family

The Li family

The Liu family

The Mao family

The Xi family

The Zeng family

The Zhou family


The Araújo family

The Barco family (father-daughter)

The Lleras-Restrepo family

The López family

The Pastrana family (father-son)

The Santos family

The Vergara family


The Ahmed family (grandfather-grandson)

The Said family

The Soilih family (half-brothers)

Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

Kabila family (father-children) (see also The Sassou-Nguesso family and Bongo family)

Kanza family (father-children)

  • Daniel Kanza (Bourgmestre of Léopoldville, 1960–62, and vice-president of the ABAKO)
    • Sophie Lihau-Kanza (Secretary of State for Social Affairs, 1966–67, Minister of Social Affairs, 1967–68, Minister of State for Social Affairs, 1969–70)
    • Thomas Kanza (Ambassador of the Republic of the Congo to the United Kingdom, 1962–63, Minister of International Cooperation, 1997, Minister of Labour, 1998, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Scandinavian Countries, 1999–2004)
    • Philippe Kanza (editor of the newspaper Congo)

Mobutu family (father-son)

Tshisekedi family (father-son)

Tshombe-Nguza family (uncle-nephew)

Cook Islands[edit]

The Henry family

Costa Rica[edit]

The Arias-Sánchez brothers

The Calderón family

The Figueres family (father-son)

The Jiménez family (father-son)

The Monge family (uncle-nephew)


The Tuđman family


The Castro family


Clerides family (father-daughter)

Kyprianou family (father-son)

Papadopoulos family (father-son)

Vasiliou family (husband-wife)

Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic[edit]

The Benda family

  • Václav Benda (Member of the Federal Assembly, 1989–92; Senator, 1996–99)
    • Marek Benda (son of Václav Benda; Member of the Czech National Council, 1990–92; Member of the Chamber of Deputies, 1993–2002, 2004–)
    • Filip Benda (son of Václav Benda and brother of Marek Benda; director of cabinet of the Minister of Transport; director of cabinet of the Minister of Finances; candidate in 2014 European Parliament election)[17][18]

The Dienstbier family

  • Jiří Dienstbier (Minister of Foreign Affairs 1989–92; Senator 2008–11)
    • Jiří Dienstbier Jr. (son of Jiří Dienstbier, Minister for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities, 2014–16, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, 2011; Senator, 2011–)
      • Jiřina Dienstbierová (wife of Jiří Dienstbier Jr.; candidate in 2013 parliamentary election)[18]

The Ferjenčík family

The Klaus family

The Lobkowicz family

The Masaryk family

The Okamura family

  • Tomio Okamura (leader of SPD; Member of the Chamber of Deputies, 2013–)
    • Hayato Okamura (brother of Tomio Okamura; member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, 2021–)
    • Osamu Okamura (brother of Tomio Okamura and Hayato Okamura)[20]

The Rakušan family

The Stropnický family

  • Martin Stropnický (Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2017–2018; Minister of Defence, 2014–2017, Minister of Culture, 1998; Member of the Chamber of Deputies, 2013–2018)
    • Matěj Stropnický (son of Martin; leader of Green party, 2016–2017; Councillor of Prague, 2014–2018)

The Šabata-Uhl family

  • Jaroslav Šabata (Deputy to the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia, 1990; Minister Without Portfolio, 1990–1992)
    • Anna Šabatová (daughter of Jaroslav Šabata and wife of Petr Uhl; candidate in 2020 senate election)[18]
  • Petr Uhl (husband of Anna Šabatová; Member of the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia, 1990–1992)[18]
    • Michal Uhl (son of Petr Uhl and Anna Šabatová; Councillor of Prague 2)[18]


The Auken family

  • Svend Auken (Member of The Folketing (The Danish Parliament) 1971–2009, Minister of Labor 1977–82 and Minister of Environment 1993–2001)
  • Gunvor Auken (Deputy Mayor of Frederiksberg 1998–2002)
  • Margrete Auken (Member of The Folketing (The Danish Parliament) 1979–90 and again from 1994 to 2004, Member of the European Parliament from 2004–)
    • Ida Auken (daughter of Margrethe Auken; Member of The Folketing (The Danish Parliament) 2007–)

The Ellemann-Jensen family

The Helveg Petersen family

  • Kristen Helveg Petersen (Minister of Education 1961–64, Member of The Folketing 1964–75 and Member of the European Parliament 1973–75)
  • Lilly Helveg Petersen (wife of Kristen HP; Deputy Mayor of Copenhagen)

The Hækkerup family


The Aptidon-Guelleh family


The Boyd family

The Douglas family

Dominican Republic[edit]

The Báez family

The Bosch family

The Cabral family

The Fernández family

The Guillermo family

The Jimenes family

The Medina family

  • Danilo Medina (President of the Chamber of Deputies, 1994–95; President of the Dominican Republic, 2012–present)
  • Lucía Medina (Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, 2006–16; President of the Chamber of Deputies, 2016–present)

The Trujillo family


The Arosemena family

The Bucaram family

The Noboa family

The Plaza family (father-son)


The Ghali family

The Mubarak family (father-son)

The Abaza family

El Salvador[edit]

The Meléndez-Quiñónez family

Equatorial Guinea[edit]

The Nguema family (close relatives)


The Grünthal family

The Helme family

The Jürgenson family

The Kallas family

The Lauristin-Allik family

  • Johannes Lauristin (first husband of Olga Lauristin, father of Marju Lauristin)
  • Olga Lauristin (wife of Johannes Lauristin and later Hendrik Allik, mother of Marju Lauristin and Jaak Allik)
  • Hendrik Allik (second husband of Olga Lauristin, father of Jaak Allik)
    • Jaak Allik (son of Hendrik Allik and Olga Lauristin, half brother of Marju Lauristin)

The Mathiesen family

The Lenk family

The Lotman family

The Must family

The Oviir family

The Päts family

The Ratas family

The Reiljan family

The Sarapuu family

The Savisaar family

The Tarand family

The Tõnisson family

The Tsahkna family

The Uluots family

The Veidemann family



The Heinäluoma family

The Kalli family

The Kuusinen family

The Paasio family (father-son-granddaughter)

The Tuomioja–Wuolijoki family

The Vennamo family (father-son)

The Aura family (father-son-grandson)

The Häkämies family (father-son-son)


The Bardoux-Giscard d'Estaing family

The Cazeneuve family

The Debré family

The De Gaulle family

The Hollande family

  • François Hollande – President of the French Republic
  • Segolène Royal (ex wife) – French politician, former minister, and unsuccessful candidate for the presidency of the French Republic (2007)

The François-Poncet-Missoffe-Panafieu family

The Le Pen family

The Mitterrand family (uncle-nephew)

The Casimir-Perier family

The Poniatowski family

The Sarkozy family

The Villepin family (father-son)


The M'ba-Eyeghe Ndong family

The Sassou-Nguesso family and Bongo family


The Adenauer family

  • Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of Germany
    • Max Adenauer, Oberstadtdirektor and Councillor in Cologne, son of Konrad
      • Sven-Georg Adenauer, Landrat (district director) in the Landkreis (district) of Gütersloh, grandson of Konrad

The Albrecht family (father–daughter)

  • Ernst Albrecht, (Minister-President of Lower Saxony)
    • Ursula von der Leyen, (President of the European Commission, 2019–present, Federal Minister of Defence 2013–2019, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, 2009–2013, Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, 2005–2009), daughter of Ernst

The Bismarck family

The Bülow family

The Bülows are an old Mecklenburg aristocratic dynasty with many members active in politics, in church or in the military.

The de Maizière family

  • Ulrich de Maizière, inspector general of the West German Army
    • Lothar de Maizière, (Minister-President of the German Democratic Republic March–October 1990), nephew of Ulrich
    • Thomas de Maizière, (Federal Minister of the Interior and Defense from 2009 to 2018), son of Ulrich and cousin of Lothar

The Ebert family (father-son)

The Goppel family

  • Alfons Goppel, (Minister-President of the state of Bavaria)
    • Thomas Goppel, (Minister of Science, Research and the Arts of the state of Bavaria), son of Alfons

The Guttenberg family

The Gysi family (father and son)

The Koch family

The Lambsdorff family

The Niklas/Ertl family

  • Wilhelm Niklas, (Minister for Agriculture) (d. 1957)
    • Josef Ertl, (Minister for Agriculture) (d. 2000), son-in-law of Wilhelm

The Schäuble family

The Speer family (father–daughter)

  • Albert Speer, (Nazi Minister of Armaments and War Production)
    • Hildegard Schramm (vice-president of the Berlin House of Deputies), daughter of Albert

The Strauss family (father–daughter)

The Vogel brothers

The Weizsäcker family (grandfather-father-son-nephew)


The Agyarko family (brothers and sister)

The Ahwoi family (brothers)

The Akufo-Addo family (father-son)

The Atta Mills family (brothers)

The Ayariga family (father, sons)

The Bawumia family (father, son, daughter-in-law)

The Jinapor family (brothers)

The Kufuor family (brothers, brother-in-law)

The Marfo family (brothers)

The Mahama family (father-son)

The Nkrumah family (father- daughter-son)

  • Kwame Nkrumah (father, leader of government business, first Prime Minister, first President MP)
    • Samia Nkrumah (daughter, MP, 2008–2012, chairman of political party)
    • Sekou Nkrumah (son)

The Obetsebi-Lamptey family (father, son)

The Ocquaye family (father, son)

The Ofori Atta family

The Okudzeto family (father, nephews)

The Ramadan family (father, son, daughter)

The Rawlings family (father-wife-daughter)

The Smith family (brothers)



The Arévalo family

The Cerezo family

The Colom family

The Rios family


The Burnham family

The Jagan family


The Duvalier family (father-son)


The Azcona family (father-sons)

The Flores family (father-daughter)

The Melgar family (spouses)

The Reina brothers

The Williams family


The Antall family (grandfather–father–son)

  • József Antall (Government Commissioner for Refugees in the Second World War, Minister for Reconstruction after 1945)
    • József Antall (Prime Minister 1990–93), son of József Antall
      • Péter Antall (Director of the Democratic Forum [MDF]'s Political Foundation), son of József Antall jr.

The Göncz family (father–daughter)




The Davidkhanian family

The Khamenei family (grand children (1st cousins) and great-grandchildren (2nd cousins) are married to each other)

The Mosaddegh family (father-in-law, son-in-law)

The Mansur family (father-son)

The Zahedi family (father-son)

The Larijani family (father-son, groom)


The Allawi-Chalabi family

The Arif family

The Barzani family

The Hussein family

Al-Suwaidi Family

  • Yusuf Al-Suwaidi (First Iraqi Speaker of the Senate and Revolutionary)
    • Naji Al-Suwaidi (Iraqi Prime minister, son of Yusuf)
    • Tawfeeq Al-Suwaidi (three term Iraqi Prime minister, son of Yusuf)
    • Arif Al-Suwaidi (Iraqi Politician and Judge, son of Yusuf)

Al-Pachachi Family

Chadirji Family


The Ahern family

The Blaney family

The Cosgrave family

The De Valera family

The Kitt-Brady family

The Lemass/Haughey family

The Lenihan family

The O'Malley family

The Andrews family

The Bruton family

The Coveney family


The Begin family

The Burg family

The Dayan family

The Herzog family

The Lau family

The Rabin family

The Sharon family

The Weizman family

The Yosef family


The Berlinguer family

The Craxi family

The Mussolini family


The Charles family

The Holness family

The Manley family

The Smith family

The Vaz family


The Fukuda family

The Hatoyama family

The Okawa–Miyazawa family

  • Okawa Heikichi (Minister of Justice: 1925; Minister of Railways: 1927–29)
    • Okawa, m. Miyazawa Hiroshi (Member of the House of Representatives: 1928–52)
      • Miyazawa Kiichi (Prime Minister: 1991–93; Deputy Prime Minister: 1987–88; Minister of Finance: 1986–88, 1998–2001; Minister of Foreign Affairs: 1974–76; Minister of Trade and Industry: 1970–73)
      • Hiroshi Miyazawa (Governor of Hiroshima: 1973–1981; Minister of Justice: 1995–96)

The Ōkubo–Yoshida–Suzuki–Asō family

The Satō–Kishi–Abe family

  • Satō Hidesuke

The Koizumi family

The Konoe–Hosokawa family

  • Konoe Atsumaro (President of the House of Peers: 1896–1903)

The Nakasone family (father-son)

The Saigō–Ōyama family

  • Saigō Takamitsu
    • Ōyama Tsunamasa (born Saigō), m. Ōyama Keiko
      • Ōyama Iwao (Genrō: 1912–1916; Superintendent-General of the National Police: 1879–80; Army Minister: 1885–91, 1892–96; Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal: 1915–16)
        • Ōyama Kashiwa (Member of the House of Peers: 1916–47)
    • Saigō Kichibe
      • Saigō Takamori (One of the Three Great Founders of Meiji Japan; Minister-Councillor: 1870–1873; acting Head of Government: 1871–1873)
        • Saigō Toratarō (Member of the House of Peers: 1902–1919)
          • Saigō Kichinosuke (Minister of Justice: 1968–70; Member of the House of Councillors: 1947–73; Member of the House of Peers: 1936–1947)
      • Saigō Jūdō (Tsugumichi) (Genrō: 1892–1902; Home Minister: 1890–91, 1898–1900; Navy Minister: 1885–90, 1893–98; Minister of Agriculture and Commerce: 1881–84; War Minister: 1878–80; Minister of Education: 1878)
        • Saigō Jūtoku (Member of the House of Peers: 1902–1946)

The Tanaka family

The Obuchi family


The Al-Fayez family

  • H.G Mithqal Al-Fayez
    • H.E Trad Al-Fayez (Minister of Agriculture, Ambassador, Senator)
    • H.E Akef Al-Fayez (Served as Minister in 10 different governments, Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament, Senator)
      • H.E Faisal Al-Fayez (Prime Minister of Jordan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, President of the Senate)
  • H.E Amer Al-Fayez (Chief of Royal Protocol, Ministerial rank)
  • H.E Eid Al-Fayez (Served as minister in 5 different governments)
  • H.E Nayef Al-Fayez (Minister of Tourism, Environment)
  • H.E Nayef Hayel Al-Fayez (Minister of Health, MP)

The Majali family

The Al-Rifai family

The Badran brothers

The Lawzi family (father-son)


The Jandosov family (founder-son-nephew)

The Nazarbayev family (father-daughter)


The Sejdiu family

The Rugova family

The Haradinaj family


The Kenyatta family

The Moi family

The Odinga family

The Nyagah family

  • Jeremiah Nyagah (long-time serving cabinet minister 1963o93 and Member of Parliament 1958–92)
    • Norman Nyagah (son of Jeremiah Nyagah Government Chief Whip and Member of Parliament)
      • Jeremiah Jerry Mwaniki Nyagah son of Norman Nyagah, and President of the Kenya Youth Coalition Network International KYCNI, based in Atlanta Georgia USA.
    • Joseph Nyagah (son of Jeremiah Nyagah and also Member of Parliament)
    • Nahashon Nyagah (son of Jeremiah Nyagah and former Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya)
    • Mary Khimulu (daughter of Jeremiah Nyagah and ambassador UNEP to France)

The Awori family (Kenya and Uganda)


The Tong family

Korea, North[edit]

The Kim family (1948–present)

Other members of Kim family

Other non-bloodline members of Kim family

Korea, South[edit]

The Park family (father-daughter)


The Akayev family (father-daughter)

The Bakiyev brothers


The Ulmanis family

The Kalniņš family


The Siphandone family


El Assaad family

Abou Fadel family

Al Khalil family

  • Kazem Al Khalil – Lebanese Parliamentarian, seven time minister, leading Shia feudal zu'ama dynasty of Tyr, Southern Lebanon
    • Khalil Al Khalil - son of Kazem Al Khalil, served as Ambassador to the Imperial State of Iran from 1971 to 1978, personal friend to the Shah of Iran and ambassador to the Pahlavi Court.
    • Maha Al Khalil Chalabi daughter of Kazem Al Khalil, a UNESCO goodwill ambassador involved in the preservation of archeological sites in Tyr through the 'Fondation de Tyr'. Married to Talal Chalabi, brother of Ahmed Chalabi- the founder of the Iraqi National Congress (INC) and the 37th Prime Minister of Iraq.

Arslan family

Chamoun family (father-sons-granddaughter)

Eddé family

Karam family

El Khazen family

Mikati family

Gemmayel family (father-sons-grandsons)

Hariri family

Al Solh family (Married into the House of Saud)

Helou family

Jumblatt family (father-son)

Karami family (father-sons)

Hobeika Family (husband-wife and child)

Lahoud family

  • Salim Lahoud – Member of Parliament (1952, 1956, 1960, 1968), Minister (Defense, Foreign affairs).
  • Fouad Lahoud – Member of Parliament (1972) (cousin of Jamil, brother of Salim).
  • Jamil Lahoud – Member of Parliament (1964) and Chief of the Army (cousin of Salim, Fouad).
    • Émile Lahoud – President of Lebanon and Chief of the Army (son of Jamil).
      • Emile Emile Lahoud- Minister (Youth and Sports) and Member of Parliament 2000 (elder son of Emile Jamil).
    • Nasri Lahoud – Head of the High Legal Magistrate, Military Judge (son of Jamil).

Moawad family (husband-wife)

Frangieh family

Salam family

Skaff family


The Barclay-Tubman family

Brumskine family (father-daughter)

Skivring Smith family (father-son)

The Taylor family



The Ratsiraka family (uncle-nephew)

The Sylla family (father-son)

The Tsiranana family (father-son)


The Chirwa family

The Mutharika family


The Abdul Razak–Hussein Onn family

The Mahathir–Hasmah family

The Anwar family

The Lim family


The Gayoom family (husband-wife and their close relatives)


The Sidibé brothers


The Abela family

The Borg Olivier family

The Debono Grech family

The Fenech Adami family

The Delia family

The Galea-Muscat family

  • Censu Galea (Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, 1994–1996, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, 1998–2004, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, 2010–2017)

The Gonzi family

The Grech family

The De Marco family

The Mifsud Bonnici family

The Mintoff family

The Mizzi family

The Said family

  • Chris Said (Minister of Justice, Information and Dialogue, 2012–2013)
    • Edward Said (brother of Chris, Mayor of Nadur, 2015–present)
    • Charles Said (brother of Chris, Mayor of Nadur, 2012–2015)

The Zerafa family

Marshall Islands[edit]

The Alik family

The Kabua family

The Note family


The Ah-Chuen and Leung Shing family

The Jugnauth family

The Bérenger family

The Boolell family

  • Sir Satcam Boolell (former minister)
  • Arvin Boolell (son of Satcam Boolell; former minister)
  • Satyajit Boolell (younger son of Satcam Boolell; Director of Public Prosecution)[28]
  • Satish Boolell (nephew of Satcam Boolell; former Police Chief Medical Officer and former MP)
  • Anil Gayan (nephew of Satcam Boolell; former minister)
  • Sushil Kushiram (son-in-law of Satcam Boolell; former minister)

The Duval family

  • Sir Gaëtan Duval (Foreign Minister, 1969–1973)
  • Xavier Luc Duval (son of Gaëtan Duval; Vice Prime Minister of Mauritius 2005, leader of the Mauritian Social Democratic Party)
  • Richard Duval (step-son of Gaëtan Duval; MP)
  • Hervé Duval (brother of Gaetan Duval; retired civil servant and former minister)
  • Ghislaine Henry (sister of Gaetan Duval; former Member of Parliament (MP) and former ambassador)
  • Thierry Henry (son of Ghislaine Henry; former MP)

The Guttee family

  • Rajnarain Guttee (former MP)
  • Rohitnarain Singh Guttee (former MP, younger brother of Rajnarain Guttee)

The Jeetah family

  • Ramnath Jeetah (former MP)
  • Rajesh Jeetah (former minister)

The Mohamed family

  • Sir Abdool Razack Mohamed, former minister
  • Yousuf Mohamed (son of Abdool Razack Mohamed; former minister and lawyer)
  • Shakeel Mohamed (grandson of Abdool Razack Mohamed and son of Yousuf Mohamed; lawyer and former minister)

The Ramgoolam family

The Seetaram family

  • Iswurdeo Seetaram (former MP and former Speaker)
  • Jangbahadoorsing Iswurdeo Mola Roopchand Seetaram (former MP)

The Uteem family

  • Cassam Uteem (former President of the Republic; former minister)
  • Reza Uteem (son of Cassam Uteem; MP)

The Virahsawmy family

  • Simadree Virahsamy (former MP)
  • Deva Virahsawmy (former MP)


The Abascal family (father, son)

The Ávila Camacho family (brothers)

The Calderón Hinojosa family (father, children, daughter-in-law)

The Cárdenas family (grandfather, father, son)

The Herrera family (grandfather, father, nephew, son)

The del Mazo family (grandfather, father, nephew, son)

The Madero family (father, sons)

Moreira family

The Obregón family (father, son)

The Sodi family (great-grandfather, grandfather, uncle, grandchildren)


The Bramble family


The Mandela family (South Africa) and Machel family

The Guebuza-Dai family (brothers-in-law)


The Nujoma family (father-son)


The Adeang family

The Detudamo family

The Dowiyogo family

The Keke-Stephen family

The Kun family


The Basnyat dynasty

The Pande dynasty

Damodar Pande

The Rana dynasty

The Thapa dynasty

Bhimsen Thapa, influential member of Thapa dynasty

The Koirala family

Connected Member

The Netherlands[edit]

The Donner family

  • Johannes Hendricus Donner (1824–1903, member of House of Representatives from 1880 to 1901)
    • Jan Donner (1891–1981, Minister of Justice 1926–33), grandson of Johannes Hendricus Donner
      • André Donner (1918–92, member of the state committee on revising the Constitution 1950–54, chairman of the state committee on revising the Constitution 1967–71), son of Jan Donner
        • Piet Hein Donner (born 1948, Member of the Council of State 1997–2002, minister from 2002 to 2012, current vice-president of the Council of State), son of André Donner

The Regout family

New Zealand[edit]

The Allen family (grandfather-grandson)

The Ardern family (cousins)

  • Shane Ardern – Member of Parliament (1998–2014) for Taranaki–King Country.
  • Jacinda Ardern – Member of Parliament (2008–2023), Prime Minister (2017–2023), cousin of Shane

The Armstrong family (father-son)

  • Tim Armstrong – Christchurch City Councilor 1919–25, 1927–29, Member of Parliament 1922–1939
    • Tommy Armstrong – Member of Parliament 1943–1951, Christchurch City Councilor 1929–35, 1962–65, son of Tim

The Atmore–Baigent family (brothers-in-law)

  • Harry Atmore – Member of Parliament for Nelson 1911–46 and Minister of Education 1928–31. Member of Nelson City Council 1905. Harry Atmore was the son-in-law of James Corrigan Member of Parliament for Patea 1922–25. Brother-in-law of Henry
  • Henry Baigent – Mayor of Nelson 1901–04 and 1905–06 and Nelson City Councilor 1893–1901

The Barclay family (father-son-cousin)

  • Jim Barclay – Member of Parliament 1935–43 for Marsden and Minister of Agriculture 1941–43
    • Bruce Barclay – Member of Parliament 1969–79 for Christchurch Central
    • Ron Barclay – Member of Parliament 1966–75 for New Plymouth. Deputy Mayor of New Plymouth District Council

The Bell family (father-son-grandsons)

The Brandon family (father-son)

  • Alfred Brandon, Sr. – Member of Parliament for Wellington Country 1858–81 and Legislative Council 1883–86

The Bridges–O'Connor family (brothers-in-law)

  • Simon Bridges – Member of Parliament (2008–2022), Leader of the Opposition (2018–2020), Cabinet Minister
    • Simon O'Connor – Member of Parliament (2011–present), married to Bridges' sister Rachel

The Brown–Garrick–Peacock–Webb family (brothers-in-law)

The Carter–Doocey family (father-son-nephew/grandson)

  • Maurice Carter – Christchurch City Councilor (1956–89), Canterbury Regional Councilor (1989–95)
    • David Carter – Member of Parliament (1994–2020), Cabinet Minister, Speaker (2013–17), son of Maurice
    • Matt Doocey - Member of Parliament (2014–present), grandson of Maurice and nephew of David

The Connelly family (father-son)

  • Michael Connelly – Member of Legislative Council 1936–1950
    • Mick Connelly – Member of Parliament 1956–84 and Cabinet Minister, son of Michael

The Courtney–Williams family (great-grandfather and great-grandson)

  • Thomas Williams – Christchurch City Councilor and Gore Borough Councilor 19th Century
    • Mel Courtney – Nelson City Councilor and Member of Parliament for Nelson 1976–81

The Douglas family (father-sons)

  • Norman Douglas – Member of Parliament 1960–75 and son-in-law of Member of Parliament Bill Anderton
    • Sir Roger Douglas – Member of Parliament 1969–90, 2008–11, Minister of Finance (1984–88) and founder of the ACT Party 1995, son of Norman
    • Malcolm Douglas – Member of Parliament 1978–79, son of Norman and brother of Sir Roger

The Field family (brothers-cousin)

  • Henry Field – Member of Parliament for Otaki 1896–99
  • William Field – Member of Parliament for Otaki 1900–1935, brother of Henry
  • Tom Field – Member of Parliament for Nelson 1914–19, cousin to Henry and William

The Fisher family (father-son)

  • George Fisher – Member of Parliament for Wellington 1884–90 and Mayor of Wellington
    • Frank Fisher – Member of Parliament for Wellington 1905–14, son of George

The Fraser family (husband-wife)

  • Peter Fraser – Member of Parliament 1918–50, Prime Minister 1940–49.
  • Janet Fraser – Member of the Wellington Hospital Board 1925–35, wife of Peter

The Fraser family (husband-wife)

Both were members of the Dunedin City Council

The Fraser–Cullen family (wife-husband)

  • Anne Fraser – Member of Parliament for East Cape 1984–90
  • Michael Cullen – Member of Parliament (1981–2009), Deputy Prime Minister, husband of Anne

The Gerard family (father-son)

  • Geoff Gerard – Member of Parliament 1943–69 for Mid-Canterbury and Ashburton
    • Jim Gerard – Member of Parliament 1984–97 for Rangiora. Mayor of Waimakariri 2001–07 and Waimakariri District Councillor 2010–

The Gill–Mitchell family (grandfather-grandson)

  • Frank Gill – Member of Parliament (1969–80), Cabinet Minister, Ambassador to the United States (1980–82)
    • Mark Mitchell – Member of Parliament (2011–present), Cabinet Minister, grandson of Frank

The Graham family (great-grandfather-great-grandsons/brothers)

  • Robert Graham – Member of Parliament 1855–68
    • Doug Graham – Member of Parliament 1984–1999 for Remuera and Cabinet Minister
    • Kennedy Graham – List Member of Parliament 2008–2017, brother of Doug

The Grigg family (husband-wife-husband-great-granddaughter)

  • Arthur Grigg – Member of Parliament 1938–41 for Mid-Canterbury
  • Mary Grigg – Member of Parliament 1942–43 for his seat after he was killed in World War II. Her grandfathers were Premier Sir John Hall, MP 1855–60 and 1866–93, and John Cracroft Wilson, MP 1866–70 and 1872–75. She married William Polson (Member of Parliament 1928–46) in 1943.
    • Nicola Grigg – Member of Parliament 2020–present for Selwyn, great-granddaughter of Arthur and Mary

The Hamilton brothers

  • Adam Hamilton – Member of Parliament for Wallace 1919–22 and 1925–46. Leader of the Opposition 1936–40
  • John Hamilton – Member of Parliament for Awarua 1919–22 and 1925–28, brother of Adam

The Hanan family (uncle-nephew)

  • Josiah Hanan – Member of Parliament for Invercargill 1899–1925 and Cabinet Minister. Mayor of Invercargill 1896–1897
    • Ralph Hanan – Member of Parliament for Invercargill 1946–69 and Cabinet Minister, Mayor of Invercargill 1938–1941, nephew of Josiah

The Hay family (father-son)

The Henare family (great-grandfather/great-grandsons)

  • Tau Henare – Member of Parliament (1914–38)
    • Tau Henare, Jr. – Member of Parliament (1993–99 & 2005–2014) and Cabinet Minister (1996–99), great-grandson of Tau Henare
    • Peeni Henare - Member of Parliament (2014–present) and Cabinet Minister, great-grandson of Tau Henare and cousin of Tau Jr.

The Hislop family (father-son)

  • Thomas Hislop, Sr. – Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister. Mayor of Wellington 1905–1908
    • Thomas Hislop, Jr. – Mayor of Wellington 1931–44 and High Commissioner to Canada 1950–57

The Holland family (father-son-grandson)

  • Henry Holland – Member of Parliament 1925–35 for Christchurch North and Mayor of Christchurch
    • Sir Sidney Holland – Leader of the New Zealand National Party and Prime Minister of New Zealand (1949–57)
      • Eric Holland – Cabinet Minister (1975–78), son of Sir Sidney.

The Holyoake family (father/son-in-law)

  • Keith Holyoake – Member of Parliament 1932–38 (Motueka) and 1943–77 (Pahiatua) and Prime Minister
    • Ken Comber – Member of Parliament 1972–81, married Diane Holyoake daughter of Keith

The Howard family (father-daughter)

  • Ted Howard – Member of Parliament (1919–39)
    • Mabel Howard – Member of Parliament (1943–69) and Cabinet Minister. Member of Christchurch City Council. Daughter of Ted

The Hutchison family (father-son)

The Izard family (father-son)

The Jeffries brothers

  • John Jeffries – Wellington City Councillor 1962–74, Deputy Mayor 1971–74
  • Bill Jeffries – Wellington City Councillor 1974–80, Member of Parliament for Heretaunga 1981–90, brother of John

The Kirk family (father-son-great-niece)

  • Norman Kirk – Member of Parliament (1957–1974) and Prime Minister
    • John Kirk – Member of Parliament (1974–84), son of Norman
      • Jo Luxton – Member of Parliament (2017–present), great-niece of Norman

The Lange–Bassett family (Bassett was a cousin of Lange)

  • David Lange – Prime Minister of New Zealand (1984–89)
  • Michael Bassett – Member of Parliament (1972–75, 1978–90) and Cabinet Minister (1984–90), cousin of David

The Lee family (father-daughter)

  • Graeme Lee – Member of Parliament (1981–96) and Cabinet Minister
    • Denise Lee – Member of Parliament (2017–20), Auckland Councilor (2013–17), daughter of Graeme

The Levin family (father-son)

  • Nathaniel Levin – Member of Legislative Council 1869–71
    • William Levin – Member of Parliament for Wellington 1879–84, son of Nathaniel

The Luxton family (father-son)

  • Jack Luxton – Member of Parliament for Piako (seat renamed Matamata) 1966–87
    • John Luxton – Member of Parliament for Matamata 1987–99 and Cabinet Minister 1990–99, son of Jack

The McCombs family (husband-wife-son)

  • James McCombs – Member of Parliament (1913–1933)
  • Elizabeth McCombs – first woman Member of Parliament (1933–1935)
    • Terry McCombs – Member of Parliament (1935–51) and Cabinet Minister, son of James and Elizabeth

All three were members of Christchurch City Council.

The MacIntyre family (father-son)

The Mackenzie family (father-son)

  • Sir Thomas Mackenzie – Prime Minister 1912. Member of Parliament 1887 to 1896 and 1900 to 1912 and Cabinet Minister. High Commissioner in London 1912–20.
    • Sir Clutha Mackenzie – Member of Parliament 1921–22 for Auckland East. Became blind at the age of 20 as a result of action at Gallipoli 1915. Sir Clutha was the son-in-law of Rt. Hon. George Forbes. Son of Sir Thomas

The Mackey family (mother-daughter)

  • Janet Mackey – Member of Parliament for East Coast (1996–2005)
    • Moana Mackey – List Member of Parliament (2003–14), daughter of Janet

The Maher–McCready family (father/son-in-law)

  • Jimmy Maher – Member of Parliament (1946–60)
    • Allan McCready – Member of Parliament (1960–78), Cabinet Minister, husband of Maher's daughter Grace

The Mason–Wilford family (grandfather-grandson)

  • Thomas Mason – Member of Parliament for Hutt 1879–84
    • Thomas Wilford – Member of Parliament for Hutt 1896–1929, grandson of Thomas and son-in-law of Sir George McLean, Member of Parliament for Waikouaiti 1871–81

The Massey family (father-two sons)

  • Bill Massey – Member of Parliament 1894–1925 and Prime Minister 1912–25
    • Walter Massey – Member of Parliament for Hauraki 1931–35, son of Bill
    • Jack Massey – Member of Parliament for Franklin 1928–35 and 1938–57, son of Bill and brother of Walter

The McClay family (father-son)

  • Roger McClay – Member of Parliament 1981–96 and Cabinet Minister
    • Todd McClay – Member of Parliament 2008–present, Cabinet Minister, son of Roger

The McMillan family (husband-wife)

  • Dr Gervan McMillan – Member of Parliament 1935–43 for Dunedin West and Cabinet Minister. Member of Dunedin City Council
  • Ethel McMillan – Member of Parliament 1953–75 for Dunedin North, wife of Gervan

The Montgomery family (father-son)

The Moss family (father-son)

  • Frederick Moss – Member of Parliament for Parnell 1876–90
    • Edward Moss – Member of Parliament for Ohinemuri 1902–05, son of Frederick

The Myers–Baume family (cousins)

  • Frederick Baume – Member of Parliament for Auckland East
  • Arthur Myers – elected Member of Parliament for Auckland East after Baume died. Mayor of Auckland

The Nash family (great-grandfather-great-grandson)

  • Sir Walter Nash – Member of Parliament 1929–68 and Prime Minister
    • Stuart Nash – Member of Parliament 2008–11, 2014–present and Cabinet Minister

The Nordmeyer family (father-in-law & son-in-law)

  • Sir Arnold Nordmeyer – Member of Parliament 1935–69 and Cabinet Minister. Leader of the Opposition 1963–65
    • Jim Edwards – Member of Parliament for Napier 1954–66, husband of Alison Nordmeyer and son-in-law of Sir Arnold

The O'Connor family (cousins)

  • Damien O'Connor – Member of Parliament (1993–2008, 2009–present), Cabinet Minister
  • Greg O'Connor – Member of Parliament (2017–present), cousin of Damien

The O'Flynn family (father-son)

The Ormond–Wilson family (grandfathers-grandsons)

  • James Wilson – Member of Parliament 1881–96
  • John Ormond – Member of Parliament 1861–90
    • Ormond Wilson – Member of Parliament 1935–38 and 1946–49, grandson of James and John
    • Tiaki Omana – Member of Parliament for Eastern Maori 1943–63, grandson of John

The Paikea family (father-son)

  • Paraire Paikea – Member of Parliament for Northern Maori 1938–43
    • Tapihana Paikea – Member of Parliament for Northern Maori 1943–63, son of Paraire

The Parata family (father-son-descendant)

  • Tame Parata – Member of Parliament for Southern Maori 1885–1911
    • Taare Parata – Member of Parliament for Southern Maori 1911–18, son of Tame
      • Hekia Parata – Member of Parliament 2008–17 and Cabinet Minister, descendant of Tame and Taare

The Peters family (brothers)

  • Ian Peters – National Party Member of Parliament for Tongariro (1990–1993)
  • Jim Peters – New Zealand First Member of Parliament (2002–2005)
  • Winston Peters – Leader of New Zealand First; Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand (1996–98, 2017–20)

The Pharazyn family (father-son)

The Ratana–Rurawhe family (brothers, wife, grandson)

  • Toko Ratana – Member of Parliament 1935–1944, succeeded by his younger brother
  • Matiu Ratana – Member of Parliament 1944–1949, succeeded by his wife
  • Iriaka Rātana – Member of Parliament 1949–69 (all for Western Maori)
    • Adrian Rurawhe – Member of Parliament for Te Tai Hauauru (successor electorate to Western Maori) 2014–present, Speaker (2022–present), grandson of Matiu and Iriaka

The Reeves brothers

  • Charles Reeves – Mayor of Dunedin 1876–77 and Dunedin City Councillor 1873–76
  • Richard Reeves – Member of Parliament for Grey Valley and Inangahua 1878–1893 and Legislative Council 1895–1910 (Speaker 1895), brother of Charles

The Reeves family (father-son)

  • William Reeves – Member of Parliament 1867–1868 & 1871–1875
    • William Pember Reeves – Member of Parliament 1887–1896 and Minister of Labour 1891–1896, son of William

The Rhodes family (brothers, father-son-cousin)

The Richardson–Pearce family (Richardson was Pearce's great-granddaughter)

  • George Pearce – Member of Parliament for Patea 1908–19
    • Ruth Richardson – Member of Parliament for Selwyn 1981–1994 and Minister of Finance

The Richmond–Atkinson family (brothers, relation by marriage)

  • James Richmond – Member of Parliament 1860–1870 and a Cabinet Minister, and his brother
  • William Richmond – Member of Parliament 1855–62 and a Cabinet Minister
  • Harry Atkinson – Member of Parliament 1861–91 and Premier several times, related by marriage
  • Arthur Atkinson – Member of Parliament 1899–1902, nephew of Harry

The Rolleston family (father-sons)

  • William Rolleston – Provincial Superintendent, Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister
    • Frank Rolleston – Member of Parliament for Timaru 1922–28 and Cabinet Minister, son of William
    • John Rolleston – Member of Parliament for Waitomo 1922–28, son of William and brother of Frank

The Seddon family (father-son-daughter)

  • Richard Seddon – Prime Minister of New Zealand (1893–1906)
    • Tom Seddon – Member of Parliament for Westland 1906–22 and 1925–28, son of Richard
    • Elizabeth Gilmer – Wellington City Councilor 1941–53, daughter of Richard

The Semple family (husband-wife)

  • Bob Semple – Member of Parliament 1918–19, 1928–54 and Cabinet Minister.
  • Margaret Semple – Wellington City Councilor 1938–41, wife of Bob

The Sidey family (father-son)

  • Sir Thomas Sidey – Member of Parliament for Caversham and Dunedin South 1901–28, Cabinet Minister and Member of Legislative Council 1928–33
    • Sir Stuart Sidey – Mayor of Dunedin 1959–65 and Dunedin City Councilor 1947–83

The Smith family (father-son)

  • Edward Smith – Member of Parliament 1890–96 and 1899–1907
    • Sydney Smith – Member of Parliament 1918–25 and 1928–38 and Cabinet Minister, son of Edward

The Smith family (father-son)

The Stewart family (father-son)

The Sutton family (brothers)

  • Jim Sutton – Member of Parliament (1984–90, 1993–2006) and Cabinet Minister (1990, 1999–2006)
  • Bill Sutton – Member of Parliament (1984–90), brother of Jim

The Tamihere–Waititi family (father/son-in-law)

  • John Tamihere – Labour Member of Parliament (1999–2005), Cabinet Minister, Māori Party Co-leader (2020)
    • Rawiri Waititi – Māori Party Member of Parliament and Co-leader (2020–present), married to Tamihere's daughter Kiri

The Taylor family (father-son)

  • Tommy Taylor – Member of Parliament and Mayor of Christchurch 1911
    • Ted Taylor – Christchurch City Councilor 1968–71, son of Tommy

The Tirikatene family (father-daughter-nephew/grandson)

  • Sir Eruera Tirikatene – Member of Parliament (1932–67) and Cabinet Minister (1943–49, 1957–60)
    • Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan – Member of Parliament (1967–96) and Cabinet Minister (1972–75), daughter of Sir Eruera
      • Rino Tirikatene – Member of Parliament 2011–present, grandson of Sir Eruera and nephew of Whetu

The Tizard family (husband-wife; parents-daughter)

  • Bob Tizard – Member of Parliament (1957–60 and 1963–90), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance (1974–75)
  • Dame Catherine Tizard – Mayor of Auckland (1983–90) and Governor-General of New Zealand (1990–95), ex-wife of Bob
    • Judith Tizard – Member of Parliament (1993–2008) and Minister, daughter of Bob and Dame Catherine

The Uru brothers

  • Hopere Uru – Member of Parliament for Southern Maori 1918–21
  • Henare Uru – Member of Parliament for Southern Maori 1922–28, brother of Hopere

The Wakefield family (father-son-nephew)

The Walls family (grandfather-grandson)

  • Robert Walls – MP for Dunedin North 1945–53
    • Richard Walls – MP for Dunedin North 1975–78, Mayor of Dunedin 1989–95, grandson of Robert

The Ward family (father-son)

  • Sir Joseph Ward – (1887–1930) Member of Parliament and Premier/Prime Minister
    • Vincent Ward – (1930–31) Member of Parliament, son of Sir Joseph

The Wetere–Mahuta family (uncle-niece)

  • Koro Wētere – Member of Parliament 1969–96 and Cabinet Minister
    • Nanaia Mahuta – Member of Parliament 1996–present and Cabinet Minister, niece of Koro

The Wilkinson–McLay family (half-brothers)

  • Peter Wilkinson – Member of Parliament (1969–84), Cabinet Minister
  • Jim McLay – Member of Parliament (1975–87), Leader of the Opposition (1984–86), Cabinet Minister, half-brother of Peter

The Young–Bradford family (father-daughter-son/brother-in-law)

  • Bill Young – Member of Parliament 1966–81 and Cabinet Minister
    • Annabel Young – Member of Parliament 1997–2002, daughter of Bill
    • Max Bradford – Member of Parliament 1990–2002 and Cabinet Minister, married to Bill's daughter Rosemary

The Young family (father-son)

  • Venn Young – Member of Parliament 1966 to 1990 and Cabinet Minister
    • Jonathan Young – Member of Parliament for New Plymouth 2008–20, son of Venn


The Argüello family

  • Juan Argüello del Castillo y Guzmán, (1778–1830), Deputy Head of State 1826–7; Head of State 1827–9, son of Narciso Jose Argüello y Monsivais (Cadiz, Spain, 1714-Granada, Nicaragua 1771). Narciso Jose, with his older brother Diego Nicolas Argüello y Monsivais (1706–1770), are the founders of the Argüello family in Nicaragua.
  • Jose Argüello Arce (1821–1897), President of Congress, 1865–6, 1877–79, great-grandson of Diego Nicolas Argüello y Monsivais.
  • Angélica Balladares de Argüello,(1872–1973). 1st Lady of the Liberal Party, 1925–1973; Pres.of the Nicaraguan Feminist League 1931–1937; UAW's "Woman of the Americas, Nicaragua Chapter",1959; Congressional Gold Medal 1969 laureate, wife of Guillermo Argüello Vargas.
  • Leonardo Argüello Barreto,(1875–1947) Interior, Education and Foreign Minister; President of Nicaragua, 1947, direct descendant of Narciso Jose Argüello y Monsivais.
  • Guillermo Argüello Vargas, grandson of José Argüello Arce; Minister of Education, 1924–26, Minister of Finance 1928–32; spouse of Angelica Balladares de Argüello
  • Mariano Argüello Vargas (1890–1970) grandson of José Argüello Arce; President of Congress 1937, 1950, 1965; Foreign Minister 1939–41, and 1943–46; Vice-President, 1947
  • Alejandro Argüello Montiel, (1917–1997) Deputy Head of Congress (1946–8), Signatary of Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (Rio Treaty, TIAR. 1947) first cousin of Alejandro Montiel Arguello and direct descendant of Diego Nicolas Arguello y Monsivais.
  • Alejandro Montiel Argüello (1917–2012), Foreign Minister, 1959–63 and 1971–78, nephew of Mariano Argüello Vargas and direct descendant of both Narciso Jose and Diego Nicolas Argüello y Monsivais.
  • Guillermo Argüello Poessy Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2000, Pres. GAO, Comptroller, 2001–2014; nephew of Guillermo Argüello Vargas and great-grandson of José Argüello Arce;
  • Carlos Argüello Gómez (born 1946) Justice Minister 1979–83, Chief Nicaraguan Negotiator and Ambassador to the UN World Court in the Hague, Netherlands, from 1983 to present and direct descendant of both Narciso Jose and Diego Nicolas Argüello y Monsivais.
  • Bertha Marina Argüello Roman (de Rizo), Vice Minister of Family (2000) and of Foreign Affairs (2002), daughter of Guillermo Argüello Poessy.
  • Silvio Argüello Cardenal, Vice-President, 1963–67, direct descendant of Narciso Jose Argüello y Monsivais.
  • Mariángeles Argüello Robelo, Health Minister, 2000–02 direct descendant of Narciso Jose Argüello y Monsivais.
  • Alejandro Argüello Choisell, Minister of Public Works, Industry & Commerce, 2005–2007. direct descendant of Narciso Jose Argüello y Monsivais.
  • Noel Vidaurre Arguello, (1955–) Vice Minister of Finance and Economy 1990–1992, direct descendant of Narciso Jose Argüello y Monsivais.

The Chamorro family

The Sacasa family

The Ortega-Murillo family

The Somoza family


The Diori family (cousins)

The Kountché family (cousins)


The Abubakar Olusola Saraki family (father, son, daughter)

  • Abubakar Olusola Saraki 1979–1983: Senate Leader in Nigerian Senate
  • Abubakar Olubukola Saraki 2003–2007 and 2007–2011: Governor of Kwara State, 2011–2019 : Senator in Nigerian Senate, 2015–2019: Senate President, under trial at code of conduct tribunal over no-disclosure of assets
  • Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki 1999–2003: Member of Nigerian House of Representatives, 2003–2007: Senator in Nigerian Senate, 2007–2011: Senator in Nigerian Senate, 2011

The Awolowo family and the Osibanjo family (grandfather-in-law, grandson-in-law)

The Ironsi family (father, son)

  • Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi January–July 1966: Nigerian military head of state
  • Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi 2004–2007: Minister of Defense, 2001–2004: Nigerian Ambassador to Togo

The Onyeama family (father, son)

North Macedonia[edit]

The Crvenkovski family (father-son)


The Stoltenberg family All members of the family are associated with the Norwegian Labour Party

The Gerhardsen family All members of the family are associated with the Norwegian Labour Party

The Harlem family All members of the family are associated with the Norwegian Labour Party

  • Gudmund Harlem. Minister of Social Affairs 1955–61 and Minister of Defense, 1961–63 and 1963–65.
    • Gro Harlem Brundtland. Daughter of Gudmund Harlem. Minister of Environmental Affairs 1974–79. Prime Minister three times: February 1981 – October 1981, 1986–89, and 1990–96. Director-General of the World Health Organization, 1998–2003.
    • Hanne Harlem. Daughter of Gudmund Harlem, sister of Gro Harlem Brundtland. Minister of Justice 2000–2001.

The Bondevik family All members of the family is associated with the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party


Bhutto family

  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Civil Administrator, Prime Minister 1971–1977.
    • Benazir Bhutto, 11th Prime Minister 1988–1990, 13th Prime Minister 1993–1996, Leader of the Opposition, Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party.
      • Bilawal Bhutto, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of Pakistan People's Party, Chairperson of the National Assembly Standing Committee for Human Rights.

Sharif family


The Nakamura family (Brothers-sons)

The Remengesau family (father-son)

The Tmetuchl-Toriboing family

  • Roman Tmetuchl (Presidential candidate 1980, 1984 & 1988, Governor of Airai State 1981–1990), Senator of First Congress of Micronesia for the TTPI 1971 - 1979), member of Council of Chiefs as Ngiraked of Tmeleu Clan of Airai State 1979–1999)

The Whipps family (father-son)

  • Surangel S. Whipps (Presidential candidate (2008), President of the Senate (2001–2009), former Speaker of the House of Delegates (1985–2001), member of Council of Chiefs as Rekemesik of Inglai Clan of Ngatpang State (1997–present))
    • Surangel S. Whipps, Jr. (son, President 2021–present, Presidential Candidate 2016, Governor of Ngatpang State, Senator (2009–2017), Honorary Consul of South Korea to Palau (2000–2021))
    • Mason Ngirchechebangel Whipps (son, Senator (2013–present), Speaker of the Airai State Legislature (2008–12), Governor of Ngatpang State)
    • Eric Ksau Whipps (son, Philippine Honorary Consul to Palau (2013–present))


The Arias family

The Arosemena family (brothers-in-law)

The Boyd family (father-son)

The Chiari-Robles family

The Delvalle family (uncle-nephew)

The Lewis family (father-son)

The Torrijos family (father-son)

Papua New Guinea[edit]

The Chan family (father-son)

The Somare family (father-son)


The Argaña family

The Cubas family

The López family


The Acuña family

The Andrade family

  • Alberto Andrade, Mayor of Miraflores (1990–96), Mayor of Lima (1996–2002) and Congressman (2006–09)
  • Fernando Andrade, Mayor of Miraflores (1996–99 and 2003–06) and Congressman (2011–16)

The Bedoya family

The Belaúnde/Diez Canseco family

The Castañeda family

  • Carlos Castañeda Iparraguirre, Mayor of Chiclayo

The de la Riva-Agüero family

The Fujimori family

The García family

The Morales-Bermúdez family

The Pardo family

The Prado family

The Schreiber/Arias Schreiber/Arias Stella family

The Townsend family

  • Andrés Townsend Ezcurra, Deputy (1963–68 and 80–85), Member of the Constitutional Assembly (1978–79) and Senator (1985–90).


Pitcairn Islands[edit]

The Christian family


Poland is probably the only country in the world where identical twins were head of the government (Prime Minister) and head of state (President) at the same time.

The Adamowicz family (spouses)

The Banaś family (father and son)

The Bartoszewski family (father and son)

The Bosak family (spouses)

The Fleszar-Zandberg family (great-grandaunt and great-grandnephew)

The Gajewska-Myrcha family (spouses)

The Gierek family (father and son)

The Giertych family (father, son, grandson)

The Grabski family (brothers and great-granddaughter)

Also Stanisław Wojciechowski (president during 1922–26) is Kidawa-Błońska's another great-grandfather by his daughter's marriage to Władysław Grabski's son.

The Kaczyński family (identical twins)

The Kosiniak-Kamysz family (father, son, uncle)

The Libicki family (father and son)

  • Marcin Libicki – Member of the European Parliament (2004–2009), Member of Sejm (1991–93 and 1997–2004)

The Morawiecki family (father and son)

The Nowacka family (mother and daughter)

The Piłsudski family (brothers)

The Rokita family (husband and wife)

The Sośnierz family (father and son)

The Śpiewak family (father, mother, son)

The Wałęsa family (father and son)

The Wassermann family (father and daughter)


The Carmona and Carmona Rodrigues family (granduncle-grandnephew)

The Soares family (father-son)

The Portas family (father-brothers)

The Menezes family (father-son)

The Vieira da Silva family (father-daughter)

The Cabrita-Vitorino family (husband-wife)

Puerto Rico[edit]

The Calderón family

The Hernandez family

The Muñoz family

The Rivera family

The Pesquera family

The Romero family

The Roselló family


The Brătianu family

The Băsescu family (father, daughter, brother)

  • Traian Băsescu (President, 2004–2014)
  • Elena Băsescu (member of European Parliament, 2009–2014), daughter of Traian, elected by her father's party while he was President
  • Mircea Băsescu, brother of Traian, in jail for corruption (extorsion of money from a mobster chief for promises of justice abuse by his brother's power)

The Ponta-Sârbu family (husband, wife, father-in-law)

Russia / Soviet Union[edit]

The Artyukhov family

The Brezhnev-Churbanov family

The Budyonny-Peskov family

The Glazyev-Sinelin-Vityazeva family (brothers-in-law, alumni, co-partisans)

The Gorbachev family

The Kadyrov family

The Khristenko-Golikova family

The Kokov family

The Kondratenko family

The Kosygin-Primakov family (somebodies-in-law via two marriages)

The Lebed family

The Magomedov family

The Patrushev family

The Sobchak-Narusova family

The Shoygu family

The Stalin-Zhdanov family (fathers of spouses)

The Tkachov family

The Trotsky-Kamenev family (brothers-in-law)

The Udaltsov family

The Vorobyov family

The Yeltsin family (father-in-law and son-in-law)

The Zhirinovsky-Lebedev family

The Zubkov-Serdyukov family (father-in-law and son-in-law)

The Zyuganov family


The Habyarimana family and Kayibanda family

Saint Lucia[edit]

The Cenac family (brother)

The Lewis family (father-son)


The Mataʻafa family

São Tomé and Príncipe[edit]

The Costa Alegre family

The Trovoada family (father-son)


The Wade family (father-son)


The Krkobabić family of the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia[31][32][33]


The Ferrari family

Sierra Leone[edit]

The Margai brothers


The Lee family (Singapore)


The Kardelj-Maček family

  • Edvard Kardelj (1910–1979) Member of Presidency of Yugoslavia (1974–1979), President of the Federal Assembly of Yugoslavia (1963–1967), Deputy Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (1946–1963), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia (1948–1953)
    • Igor Šoltes (1964–, grandson of Edvard Kardelj) President of the Court of Auditors (2004–2013), Member of the European Parliament (2014–2019)
  • Pepca Kardelj (1914–1990, wife of Edvard Kardelj)
  • Ivan Maček – Matija (1908–1993, brother Pepca Kardelj, brother-in-law of Edvard Kardelj) President of the People's Assembly of SR Slovenia (1963–1967), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of SR Slovenia (1945–1953), Member of Federal Yugoslav Government (1953–1963)

The Oman-Podobnik family

  • Ivan Oman (1929–2019) Member of the Presidency of Slovenia (1990–1992), Member of the National Assembly of Slovenia (1992–1996)
    • Marjan Podobnik (1960–, son-in-law of Ivan Oman) Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia (1996–2000), Member of the National Assembly of Slovenia (1990–1996)
    • Janez Podobnik (1959–, brother of Marjan Podobnik) Speaker of the National Assembly (1996–2000), Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning (2004–2008), Member of the National Assembly (1992–2000), Mayor of idrija (1990–1994), Mayor of Cerkno (1994–1998)

Solomon Islands[edit]

The Chan family (father–son)

The Kemakeza family (siblings)

The Kenilorea family (father–son)


Barre family (brothers)

Sharmarke family (father-son)

South Africa[edit]


Sri Lanka[edit]


The Assad family

The Atassi family

The al-Azm family


House of Bernadotte

Bildt family

Bodström family

Bohman family

Cederschiöld family

De Geer family

Douglas family

Hammarskjöld family

Heckscher family

  • Gunnar Heckscher, Conservative Party leader 1961–65
    • Sten Heckscher, social democratic Minister of Industry and Employment 1994–96, son of Gunnar Heckscher

Leijon family

  • Anna-Greta Leijon, Social Democratic cabinet minister 1973–76 and 1982–88
    • Britta Lejon, Social Democratic cabinet minister 1998–2002, Member of Parliament 2002–06, daughter of Anna-Greta Leijon

Myrdal family

  • Gunnar Myrdal, Social Democratic cabinet minister 1945–47
  • Alva Myrdal, Social Democratic cabinet minister 1966–73, wife of Gunnar Myrdal
    • Jan Myrdal, author and independent communist political writer and columnist, son of Alva and Gunnar Myrdal

Ohlin family

  • Bertil Ohlin, party leader of the liberal Folkpartiet 1944–67, minister of commerce in the wartime government 1944–45.
    • Anne Wibble, representing the same party, Minister of Finance in 1991–94, daughter of Bertil Ohlin.

Reinfeldt family

Wallenberg family

  • Knut Wallenberg (1853–1938), banker, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs 1914–17
    • Raoul Wallenberg (1912–47?) businessman and diplomat, he helped many Hungarian Jews during the later stages of World War II, by issuing temporary Swedish "protective passports", grandnephew of Knut Wallenberg.


Binder family

  • Julius Binder, born 1925, member of the City Council of Baden 1961–1965, member of the National Council 1963–1975, member of the Council of States 1979–1987

Keller family

  • Anton Keller, father of born 1934, member of the National Council 1979–1995

Blocher family

  • Christoph Blocher, born 1940, member of the National Council 1979-2003 and 2011–2014, member of the Swiss Federal Council (2003–2007)

Schlumpf family

  • Leon Schlumpf, 1925–2012, member of the National Council, the Council of States and of the Federal Council
    • Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, born 1956, member of the Grand Council of Grisons 1994–1998, member of the Executive Council of Grisons 1998–2007, member of the National Council 2007–2015

Wasserfallen family

  • Kurt Wasserfallen, 1947–2006, member of the Bernese City Council 1985–1990, member of the Grand Council of Bern 1990–1999, member of the National Council 1999–2006
    • Christian Wasserfallen, (son), born 1981, member of the Bernese City Council 2003–2007, member of the National Council since 2007
    • Peter Wasserfallen, (son), member of the Bernese City Council 2009–2012


Charnvirakul family

Juangroongruangkit family

Shinawatra family

Silpa-archa family

Vejjajiva family

Wongsuwan family


The Gnassingbé family

The Olympio family

Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

The Capildeo family

The Fitzpatrick family

The Sinanan family

The Panday family

The Maraj/Maharaj family


The Bourguiba family


The Adak family (uncle-nephew)

The Ağaoğlu family

The Ağar family (father-son)

The Akçal family

The Albayrak family

The Arıburun family

The Arınç family (father-son)

The Arslan family (father-son)

The Ayaydın family (father-daughter)

The Bayar family

  • Celal Bayar (1883–1986) (Prime Minister, 1937–39; President, 1950–60)
    • Ahmet İhsan Gürsoy (1913–2008) (Son-in-law of Celal Bayar; Member of Parliament, 1946–60)
    • Nilüfer Gürsoy (born 1921) (Daughter of Celal Bayar; Member of Parliament, 1965–69, 1973–80)

The Bilgiç family

  • Sait Bilgiç (1920–1988) (Brother of Sadettin Bilgiç, Member of Parliament, 1950–60)

The Bilici family (father-son)

The Bölükbaşı family (father-son)

The Bucak family (uncle-nephew)

The Bulut family

The Çiçek family (cousins)

  • Cemil Çiçek (born 1946) (Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, 2011–15)
  • Mehmet Çiçek (born 1946) (Member of Parliament, 1999–2011)

The Demirtaş family (siblings)

The Denizolgun family

The Ecevit family

The Emecan family (spouses)

The Ensarioğlu family

The Erbakan family (father-son)

The Fendoğlu family (uncle-nephew)

The Feyzioğlu family (grandfather-grandson)

The Fırat family

  • Bedir Fırat (1872–1928) (Grandfather of Dengir Mir Mehmet Fırat; Member of Parliament, 1920–28)

The Gökçek family

The Gülek family (father-daughter)

The Haberal family (father-son)

The Irmak family (father-son)

  • Sadi Irmak (1904–1990) (Prime Minister of Turkey, 1974–75)
    • Sabri Irmak (1936–1991) (Member of Parliament, 1983–87)

The Işık family (father-daughter)

The İlgezdi family (spouses)

The İnan–Gaydalı family

The İnönü family

  • İsmet İnönü (1884–1973) (President, 1938–50; Prime Minister, 1923–24, 1925–37 and 1961–65)
    • Erdal İnönü (1926–2007) (Son of İsmet İnönü; Deputy Prime Minister, 1991–93; Acting Prime Minister, 1993)

The İslam–Kavakçı family

The Kacır family (father-son)

The Karayel family (father-son)

The Kartal family

  • Kinyas Kartal (1900–1991) (Member of Parliament, 1965–80)
    • Nadir Kartal (born 1946) (Son of Kinyas Kartal; Member of Parliament, 1991–95)
    • İrfan Kartal (born 1949) (Nephew of Kinyas Kartal; Member of Parliament, 2018–23)

The Kılıç family (grandfather-grandson)

The Kocabıyık family (spouses)

The Koç–Selçuk family (father-daughter)

The Malkoç–Gül family (father/son-in-law)

  • Şeref Malkoç (born 1960) (Member of Parliament, 1995–2002)
    • Abdülhamit Gül (born 1977) (Member of Parliament, 2015–18, 2023–present; Minister of Justice, 2017–22)

The Melen family (father-son)

The Menderes family (father-sons)

The Öcalan family (cousins)

The Öymen family

The Özal family

  • Turgut Özal (1927–1993) (Prime Minister, 1983–89; President, 1989–93)
  • Semra Özal (born 1934) (Wife of Turgut Özal; Head of the Provincial Organization of ANAP in Istanbul, 1991–92)
  • Korkut Özal (1929–2016) (Brother of Turgut Özal; Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, 1974, 1975–77; Minister of the Interior, 1977–78)
  • Yusuf Bozkurt Özal (1940–2001) (Brother of Turgut Özal; Member of Parliament, 1987–96)
    • Ahmet Özal (born 1955) (Son of Turgut Özal; Member of Parliament, 1999–2002)
    • İbrahim Reyhan Özal (born 1965) (Son of Yusuf Bozkurt Özal; Member of Parliament, 2002–07)
    • Hüsnü Doğan (born 1944) (Nephew of Turgut Özal; Minister of National Defense, 1990–91)

The Özdağ family (father-son)

The Öztrak family

  • Faik Öztrak (1882–1951) (Minister of the Interior, 1939–42)
    • Orhan Öztrak (1914–1995) (Son of Mehmet Faik Öztrak; Minister of the Interior, 1963–65)
    • İlhan Öztrak (1925–1992) (Son of Mehmet Faik Öztrak; Minister of State, 1971–74, 1980–83)
    • Şefik İnan (1913–1972) (Son-in-law of Mehmet Faik Öztrak; Minister of Treasury and Finance, 1961–62)
      • Faik Öztrak (born 1954) (Son of Orhan Öztrak; Member of Parliament, 2007–present)
  • Suut Kemal Yetkin (1903–1980) (Father-in-law of İlhan Öztrak; Member of Parliament, 1943–50)

The Özyavuz–Aktemur family (former spouses)

The Pakdemirli family (father-son)

The Perinçek family (father-son)

The Ramazanoğlu–Kavaf (née Bostancı) family (siblings)

  • Sema Ramazanoğlu (born 1959) (Minister of Family and Social Services, 2015–16)
  • Selma Aliye Kavaf (born 1962) (Minister of State, 2009–11; Member of Parliament, 2023–present)

The Sazak family

The Şahin family (father-son)

  • Mehmet Ali Şahin (born 1950) (Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, 2009–11)
    • Cem Şahin (born 1977) (Member of Parliament, 2023–present)

The Sezgin family (uncle-nephew)

The Taşkesenlioğlu family

The Taşdelen family

  • Doğan Taşdelen (1949–2020) (Mayor of Çankaya, 1989–99)
    • Alper Taşdelen (born 1974) (Son of Doğan Taşdelen; Mayor of Çankaya, 2014–24)
    • Gürsel Erol (born 1963) (Nephew of Doğan Taşdelen; Member of Parliament, 2015–present)

The Türk family (siblings)

  • Abdurrahim Türk (1937–1973) (Member of Parliament, 1969–73)
  • Ahmet Türk (born 1942) (Leader of the Democratic Society Party, 2005–07)

The Türkeş family

  • Alparslan Türkeş (1917–1997) (Deputy Prime Minister, 1975–77, 1977–78)
    • Tuğrul Türkeş (born 1954) (Son of Alparslan Türkeş; Member of Parliament, 2007–present; Deputy Prime Minister, 2015–17)
    • Kutalmış Türkeş (born 1978) (Son of Alparslan Türkeş, step-brother of Tuğrul Türkeş; Member of Parliament, 2011–15)
    • Ayyüce Türkeş Taş (born 1977) (Son of Alparslan Türkeş, step-brother of Tuğrul Türkeş; Member of Parliament, 2023–present)
    • Hamit Homriş (1944–2016) (Son-in-law of Alparslan Türkeş; Member of Parliament, 2007–11)

The Ürgüplü family

The Yıldız family (cousins)

  • Feti Yıldız (born 1953) (Member of Parliament, 2018–present)
  • Taner Yıldız (born 1962) (Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, 2009–15)

The Yılmaz family

  • Şevki Yılmaz (born 1955) (Member of Parliament, 1995–98)
    • Mehmet Akif Yılmaz (born 1975) (Son of Şevki Yılmaz; Member of Parliament, 2015–present)
    • Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı (born 1965) (Married with the Cousin of Şevki Yılmaz; Member of Parliament, 2015–23)

The Yüksel family (father-son)

The Yüksel-Kılıç family (father/son-in-law)

  • Ali Yüksel (born 1949) (Member of Parliament, 2023–present)
    • Suat Kılıç (born 1972) (Minister of Youth and Sports, 2011–13)

The Zeydan family (father-sons)


The Berdimuhamedow family


The Latasi family


The Awori family (Kenya and Uganda)

The Kakonge family

  • Edward Kakonge, Current Chairman of Uganda Peoples Congress UPC (2011–present), Minister of Local Government and Minister of Youth Culture and Sports (1986–89), Chairman of Uganda Debt Network (2007–present)
  • John Kakonge (First Secretary General of Uganda Peoples Congress, formerly a Minister in Obote I Government as Minister of Cooperatives and Agriculture. He disappeared on 16 November 1972 during the Idi Amin regime. He was also a brother of Edward Kakonge.
  • Festus Kambarage Kakonge (Current Commissioner for National Guidance at the Information and National Guidance ministry, formerly Resident District Commissioner in Kotido and Kabarole districts in the Museveni Government. He is a brother to both John and Edward Kakonge.
    • Mugisha Muntu (Retired) Major General (Current Forum for Democratic Change Party President – 22 November 2012 to present, formerly FDC Secretary for Mobilization, former EALA MP from 2001 to 2011, former Army Commander from 1989– 1998. Son-in-law of the late John Kakonge.

The Kiwanuka family

  • Benedicto Kiwanuka, first Prime Minister of Uganda (1961–62), Chief Justice (1971–72), President of the Democratic Party.
    • Maurice Kagimu Kiwanuka (Diplomat, formerly a Minister and Member of Parliament), son of Benedicto Kiwanuka.

The Lutwa Okello family

The Lule family

The Museveni family

The Obote family

  • Milton Obote (1924–2005), Prime Minister (1962–67), President (1967–71, 1981–85).
  • Miria Obote (President of the Uganda People's Congress 2005–10), wife of Milton Obote.
    • Jimmy Akena (Member of Parliament), son of Milton and Miria Obote.
    • Betty Amongi Ongom (Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development), wife of Jimmy Akena and daughter-in-law of Milton and Miria Obote.
  • Akbar Adoko Nekyon (former Member of Parliament and Minister), cousin of Milton Obote.


The Kuchma-Pinchuk family (father-in-law and son-in-law)

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]


The Arismendi family (father and daughter)

The Batlle family (grandfather, son, grandsons and great-grandson)

The Bauzá family (father and son)

The Beltrán family (father and son)

The Blanco family (grandfather, sons and grandson)

The Bordaberry family (grandfather, son and grandsons)

The Brum brothers

The Cuestas family (father and son)

The Demicheli family (spouses)

The Ellauri family (father, son and great-grandson)

The Fernández family (father and son)

The Forteza family (father and son)

The Grauert brothers

The Héber family (brothers and son of one of them)

The Herrera family (great-grandfather, father and son)

The Hierro family (grandfather, son and grandson)

The Jude family (father and son)

The Michelini family (father and sons)

The Mujica-Topolansky family (spouses)

The Nin brothers

The Pacheco family

The Ramírez family

The Saravia family (brothers and descendant of one of them)

The Sanguinetti family (cousins)

The Sendic family (father and son)

The Stewart family (descendant)

The Stirling family (grandfather and grandson)

The Terra-Baldomir family

The Tourné family (uncle and niece)

The Wílliman family (grandfather and grandson)

The Végh family (father and son)

The Zorrilla de San Martín family (grandfather and grandson)


The Karimov family


The Lini family

The Sokomanu-Sopé family


The Chávez family

The Sucre family


The Ngô Đình and Trần Văn families

The Phạm family

Trần Đức Lương's family

Nguyễn Tấn Dũng's family


The Al-Shaabi family (brothers-in-law)

The Iryani family (uncle-nephew)

The Saleh family (father-son)


The Chiluba family

The Kaunda family


The Mugabe-Chiyangwa family

The Mujuru family

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